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People choose us because we are fast, professional, and efficient. We help liquidate businesses and estates, empty houses and rooms, downsize household items, sell vehicles, sporting goods, collectibles, farm items, factory equipment, etc. We also travel within 60 miles or one hour drive of Waubeka. This includes Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington, and Sheboygan county. ​We offer pick-up service, which can be scheduled as soon as we can. We also take all major credit cards and world wide checks. 

Why Ramblin Rose Auction Co.?

We take cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, ATV's, handicap motorized vehicles, mowers, snowblowers, farm items and equipment, appliances less than 10 years old, tools and equipment, crocks and jugs, yard art, furniture and patio furniture in good condition, weather vanes, coins, sterling siler items, gold jewelry, gold, guns, hunting items, antique porcelain dolls, composition dolls, trains, steiff bears, toys, toy trucks and cars, "Golden Age" comic books, depression glass, fiesta glass, oriental and Middle Eastern carpets and rugs, assorted artwork and frames, beer signs and neons, old tin advertising signs, high end sporting items, farm primitive items, etc. If you aren't sure if we would take one of your items just give us a call!

What items do we take?

We take cash, checks, and credit cards. For cash there is no fee. We accept mastercard and Visa credit cards but there is a 3% fee added to your final total. We don't take any out of state checks and don't charge any fees for checks. We also take cashier's checks. If you have any questions just contact us before bidding. 

Payment Methods

Warranty Information

Everything is sold as is, as shown. There are no warranties implied or expressed. There are also no returns for any reason. 

How to proceed with selling through us:

If you would like for us to proceed in selling anything for you just contact us. We will ask about your items and what you are willing to sell. From there we will schedule a pick up date that should be typically within a week of contact. Pickup will be in the final fee.

Auction 101 (Tips, rules, and help):

If you haven't been to an auction before this information is for you:


- Our viewing starts an hour before the auction starts. Our doors open at 9am and the auctions will start at 10am. During the viewing from 9-10 you can walk around, view the items, and get a number. When the auction starts everyone will be seated to see the bidding and allow for us to begin. Please don't view the items after the auction has started unless we ask for everyone to do choice on any items. 


- When you are getting a number you will want to have a valid drivers license. At the back of the auction there will be a cashier where you will sign in (this is done every auction), then you will fill out all of the information on the sheet, and receive a bid card. After we receive your drivers license the first time, we won't need it again. 

- Please DO NOT sit on the auction furniture or use the auction items. We don't allow anyone to sit on the furniture or use it during the auction. This includes couches, tables, chairs, etc. Please use the chairs that we provide. 

- Bidding is easy, just raise your bid card to have our auctioneers see it. If you are in a back and forth a nod or even a simple 'yes' will work too. We have 'runners' that keep a look out for any bidders, hold items being sold up, and take the items to the new owners. Make sure that either a runner or an auctioneer can see your number, don't put away your card unless you are finished bidding or don't want to bid anymore. The runners can bring items up per your request. If there is an item you want to bid on and we haven't gotten to it just ask one of our runners. They will bring it up for you 

- When you are completely done bidding you can hand in your bid card and check out with the cashier. You CAN NOT reuse your bid card after you check out. If you check out and see something you want on your way out you need to get a new number and reregister. DO NOT use the same number.

- You will receive your tickets of what you bought which will act as your receipt. Each ticket will have the item that you bought, a description of the item, and the consignor or lot number of the item. Your number will be written in the top right of the ticket.


- Once you are completely checked out you can take your items out to your car. You CAN NOT leave the premises with the items until you have paid. If you need to leave your items here just let a runner know so that you can schedule a day to pick them up. 

General Policies:

Our return policy is that everything is sold as is, as shown, with no warranties implied or expressed. This is a Wisconsin Licensed Auction, you bid on everything you want with no returns. 

Online sales are done through invaluable Auction Zip which is a third party that we use. Customer privacy is very important to us so we do not share any of your information with any third parties. All of the online sales can be picked up at our auction hall in Waubeka WI, or shipped to you through USPO or UPS. The customer will pay all the shipping costs and insurance when needed. Online sales will be sent through an invoice with all of the cost information. This will include a tracking number. 

Online Auctions:

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